Rules Governing Suspension of a Student from the School:

The head of the institution reserves the absolute right at his discretion, to issue School Leaving Certificate to any pupil, if:

  • He is not satisfied with the general conduct of the student, on the campus.
  • The student is absent from the school campus without sanction of leave, for more than 2 weeks, during the session/term.
  • The student is found to practice unfair means in tests and exams.
  • If the parents/ guardians fail to pay the subsequent instalments of the school fee on time, their child/ ward is liable to be withdrawn from school, after giving due notice to the parent/guardian regarding the same. Under such circumstances School Leaving Certificate will not be issued till the dues are cleared.
  • If it is found that the student does not put in the minimum efforts to score the qualifying marks for promotion, in spite of the best efforts of his/her teachers, the principal may terminate the admission of such students, after issuing a warning.
  • In matter of admission and issue of Leaving Certificate, the decision of the principal is final and binding on the parents/guardians of the student concerned.


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