Code of Conduct

At CSM School, rules have been specified so that they represent the school community’s expectations from students in terms of dress, behaviour and personal presentation. Students are expected to behave as per the acceptable standards at all the times while in the school.

Students are expected to follow certain mandatory rules:

  • Students are expected to observe discipline and decorum in their behaviour and outside the school as it reflects the image of the school.
  • Students should never cheat or be unfair but should always be truthful and conduct in a courteous manner in public.
  • Respect and appreciate the beauty of the classroom and of the school premises. Any damage observed should immediately be reported.
  • Students must take care of their belongings like books, money, clothes, etc. Anything left by the students in the school shall be deposited with the school office as lost property which shall be given back to the owner on claiming it. However, the school is not responsible for any such loss.
  • Students should resist from undesirable behaviour like whistling, shouting or running in the corridors or in the class while in the school.
  • Attendance on all school functions and other events is mandatory for students for celebrating the function or as per the scheduled plan.
  • Students should attend the school regularly.No student shall be allowed to take leave if application is not sanctioned by the principal in advance.
  • All the class teachers must ensure that prior application is submitted by the student before taking leave.
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances, where the student fails to submit prior application, he/she must call and inform at the school reception.
  • Those students who come on bicyclemust submit an application to the principal seeking the permission for the same.
  • Changing the mode of transport during the year is strictly not allowed.
  • Students not in proper uniform will not be allowed to enter the school.
  • Every student and school appointee should wear his/her Identity Card daily.
  • Hair and nails should be short and properly trimmed. Indecent hairstyles are strictly not allowed.
  • Wearing any kind of accessory like bangle, ring, chain etc. is strictly not allowed. If found, then it shall be permanently confiscated by the school authorities.
  • Girls with long hair will tie their hair in two braids. Fancy and colourful hair bands, clips, rubber bands etc. are not allowed. Hairbands and ribbons must be of blue or white colour, as per the colour of the uniform.
  • School property like furniture, walls etc. should not be defaced. The culprit will be penalized for the same.
  • Students should keep the environment and community clean.
  • Don’t throw any wrapper or piece of paper in the urinals or basins as it will lead to their blockage.
  • Always turn off the taps and flush after use.
  • Every class shall have one girl and one boy monitor. In the absence of teacher, the monitor shall be solely responsible for maintaining discipline in the class. If any student creates indiscipline in the class, then his report should be given to the class teacher.
  • Each class shall have one girl and one boy pass. No student shall be allowed to go outside the class without pass.
  • The class shall not remain vacant for more than 2 minutes. It is the responsibility of the monitor to call the respective teacher and if the subject teacher is absent, then check adjustment from reception.
  • Always bring books and notebooks according to the time table.
  • All the notebooks and books must be properly covered with name and class written on them.
  • Books other than the text books or library books should not be brought to the school.
  • All the students will finish their tiffin box in the recess. There should not be any leftover in the tiffin box.
  • Students are not allowed to bring sharp instrument/weapons like pistol, knife or any other object, which can cause injury to others.
  • Cameras, mobile phones, etc. are strictly prohibited in the school premises.
  • Students should respect others’ right of learning.
  • Students should obey their teachers at all the times.
  • Students should read the school notices and share them with their parents.
  • The school reserves the right to expel any student whose progress in studies is considered unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to the school atmosphere. Immorality, insubordination or contempt of authority and breaking bonds are some of the reasons for immediate expulsion or rustication.
  • Speaking in Haryanvi or any other local language is strictly prohibited.


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